Current Businesses


Fresh Lips

Fresh Lips is an all organic and natural chapstick made from beeswax, Shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils. Each 5.5 ml tube (average size), is selling for $3.

As Good As Shnu

As Good As Shnu is a local business that specializes in cleaning your shoes; no matter the material and giving them back as good as new.
One Pair of Shoes $10, Two Pairs of Shoes $15, Three Pairs of Shoes $20, Additional Pairs after three +$4 for each pair to a maximum of 10 shoes in total.

Retire Furniture

ReTire takes donated tires and recycled wood pallets and up-cycles them into ottomans and chairs with the goal of preserving the environment.
Price: Single tire: $25, Double tire: $35

Lookless Books

We take gently used books and provide readers with a new way to discover novels by eliminating the cover.
Price: $5.00 per book

Déjà Vu Denim

Taking donated jeans, distressing them, and giving them a new life! Each pair costs $20.00.

Cheap Breeze

“Fresh is a multipurpose air freshener made for unpleasant smells in homes and workplaces”

Simple Tech

At SimpleTec, our goal is to create a platform that brings together both the community and the businesses within our small town. From small business advertisements to important community updates, our upcoming app brings everyone together in one central location. This is why we are creating our first app, MyKingsville. Anyone can stay in the loop, it’s free after all.

Iridescent Cosmetics

Iridescent cosmetics creates beauty products using all natural, locally sourced products, with no harmful chemicals to benefit the environment and your skin and lips
Face Masks: $8, Lip Scrubs: $5

Fresh Feet

We make reusable shoe freshening products to rid your shoes of awful smells!
Products: Shoe pouches: $4.00/ 2 pouches or Loose powder $5.00/ bottle

Green Headbandz

We make eco-friendly headbands using recycled fabric with tons of different designs and headband elastic.
1 for $3 OR 2 for $5


We sell all eco-friendly notebooks made from recycled paper
Mini- $1.50
Small- $2.00
Large- $3.50

Petits Oursons

Our product are T-shirts, with all profit going to Child Life at Windsor Regional Hospital
Price: $20

NoLife Games

We create virtual worlds for you to escape reality!
Arche Magic, a roguelike dungeon crawler where you are trapped inside a dungeon and have to get to the bottom and master magic to escape.
Price $5 for the demo, and $20 for the full game upon release (those who bought the demo will receive the full game later for free)

Zenith Coda

We are an online marketing agency that wants to help our fellow Youthrive businesses by doing their social media marketing for them and promoting their business over the course of the program​​, while they do the actual work and focus on their products and business growth. Our company package is $10 and focuses on social media set-up and management, you also have the option of an up-sell for an additional $10 which allows the owner the option of adding a website outline. If the owner likes the way the website looks and wants to give it a try, we will create and design their website without optimization.

No Stain

We are creating a water/stain repellent spray that can be sprayed on both shoes and clothes. We will be selling 100mL bottles for $6 each  or 2 100mL bottles for $10.

Keep your Hands Warm

Homemade reusable hand warmers. $5 each

Soap Opera

Soap Opera sells colourful, squishy, Aloe-Vera scented handmade soaps, which can be used as cleansers and as stress balls.
Prices: $3.00 for one soap, $5.00 for two

Heart Warmers

Heart Warmers makes small, medium, large, and neck rice heating packs out of reused materials. These hand-sewn rice packs can be heated in the microwave to provide relief for unwanted aches and pains.
Size small—$5.00
Size medium—$10.00
Size large—$15.00